Discover expertly designed lighting systems in Surrey, London, and surrounding areas, designed to transform your home at the touch of a button. 

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. It can boost our mood, inspire our creativity, and make an old living space feel brand new. 

With smart lighting control, you can change the ambience inside your home within seconds. We use smart home technology and utilise an expert team to automate your lighting controls and remove fiddly switches, giving you more time, more power, and more autonomy over the lighting inside your home. 

With lighting control, monitor your electricity and energy levels and make adjustments to suit your family, your budget, and your home.

Automated lighting control unlocks the potential for a more considered way of life.


Our lighting control systems use LED light bulbs. These lights are bright and beautiful and don’t let off too much heat. This allows for increased energy efficiency, significantly reducing household energy costs while helping to protect the environment. Bright bulbs, bright future. 


If you’re frequently away from home or simply want the option to control your lighting from anywhere in the world, our lighting control systems can be remotely accessed, giving you peace of mind that you can curate your lighting settings to be exactly what they need them to be. 

At night, turn on the lights to make it look like you’re at home. Then during the daytime, turn them back off again to save on electricity. Simple but effective lighting settings at your fingertips.


Integrate mobilised blinds and curtains into your home and enjoy extra daylight or shade with a simple flick of the switch. Whatever your wakeup or bedtime routine, our automated shading system is super quiet, with silent motors ensuring a smooth transition day or night. 

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